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Acts of Vengeance is a Metal band based in London, England who play original music in the style of Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack and Slayer.

The band formed in 2013 when Martin Machin (lead guitar, ex Ligature), Mike Reith (drums,ex Baccus Ran) and Rich Williams (Bass) joined forces with singer Sam Tracy (ex H.O.S.T.).

The band quickly established a reputation for awesome live performances and heavy music

with a melodic vision.

Martin Machin cut his teeth on the London metal music scene as a lead guitarist and song

writer with Thrash metal act Ligature, supporting acts such as Akercocke and Desecration.

Lead Singer Sam has spent most of his life working stage side for some of the biggest

names in the music industry but always knew where he wanted to be standing, centre stage,

fist raised in front of the world’s greatest music fans, metal fans!

What gives Acts of Vengeance a different edge in metal music terms is the rich vein of

melody flowing through their music. They are an infusion of heavy catchy riffs, basslines that

don't just follow the root, pounding driving rhythms, classic rock/metal guitar solos and

Pantera/Godsmack style vocals adding an extra dimension to the music.

The band's first demo, entitled 'Straight to Hell', established their music principles and was

well received. Songs on the demo E.P. range 'Legacy', a melodic intro building to a fast,

frenzied conclusion telling the story of post-apocalyptic terror, to 'Cure in Me', a heavy,

groove laden track depicting the harsh realities of drug abuse and waste. The E.P.'s title

track, 'Straight to Hell', is a perfect example of their song writing vision - heavy, focused and

catchy without losing the melody.

In 2015 they began preparing for their first album and recorded new material, 'I Die Lying'

and 'In the Dark of the Night'. These songs further build and strengthen their musical

principles of heavy, catchy songs.

In 2016 they released their much anticipated album, 'Slaves to Sin' with an album launch

party at the O2 Academy 2 in Islington, London. At the same time they released their

innovative debut music video for ‘Hurricane’ – the story of a tempestuous relationship filmed

in first person point of view.

Acts of Vengeance have their own style, their own drive and they look forward to promoting

their album and performing at festivals in the UK and beyond.

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