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Deified are a five-piece metal band from just outside Liverpool in the Northwest of England, UK.

The band formed in late 2013 and as early as May 2014, Deified headlined their debut gig at The Lomax in

Liverpool and soon after went on to play many more gigs, one of the highlights of the year being a slot on

mainstage at Out Of The Ashes Festival.

2015 was a busy year for Deified; in April, they released a video for their track ‘No Solitude’ and then later

on won the Liverpool final of the Metal 2 The Masses competition to win a coveted slot at Bloodstock

Festival in August.

This festival appearance immediately catapulted the band into a summer / autumn UK tour where they

played over 30 shows all over the country.

December 2015, Deified released their debut album ‘Ascension’ which was entirely self-produced, the

album gained some fantastic reviews which helped keep the band on everyone’s radar, eventually securing

themselves a slot in 2016 supporting Exodus.


“Deified is the resultant offspring of one wild night between Lamb of God and Slayer.” – Into The Void music

Reviews https://blitzentine.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/ascension-deified/

“All the components are there and Deified arrange their music beautifully to create something that the

metal purists and casual fans could equally get into” “Deified are one to look for in 2016 and Ascension is

the proof.” – Manchester Rocks http://manchester.rocks/?p=4237

2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the band. Deified came third out of 425 bands across the

globe in the TBFM factor. They have also secured themselves the last available slot for SOPHIE Fest

Coventry due to winning the public vote and will also be the showcase band at MMC Manchester, once

more due to winning a public vote.


“Supporting two greats of the genre is not easy, especially when one of them is Exodus but Deified more

than held their own as they performed at the 02 Academy.” – Liverpool sound and vision


“I can only imagine these guys going from strength to strength” – Burning Fist


“One of the most confident front men I’ve seen in a long time.” – Mute Print


Music Videos

No solitude - ttps://youtu.be/7wfpHFD25vY

Lo & Behold - https://youtu.be/wL8AYH0gUd4

Full gig  - https://youtu.be/rhnMuYy3oTs

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