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Maxdmyz are: Frontman Twister, Roger on Guitar, Drummer Jamie Tatnell, Vortex on Keys and Bassist A'Zedd

Maxdmyz are a London-based five piece whose current line-up is arguably its best.

Twister has a fantastic range and power in his voice, at once capable of sensitive, melodic singing and soul-grinding death growls. His voice incorporates many styles, oozing presence and character.

His influences include Ian Gillan, Lou Reed, John Lennon, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Andrew Eldritch, Roger Daltrey, Kate Bush and Grace Slick.

Roger Kirchner, late of seminal death-metal band Apophis, has recently joined, replacing long-standing guitarist Skizzy, who features in the video of ‘Grieve’ (see below), the single release from the band’s latest album, ‘The Hate Plane’.

Roger’s classic death metal style is complemented by a remarkable lyric, melodic quality and an inspired pop sensibility. His playing draws on a variety of styles and genres, as is true of the band in general. His stage presence is heavy and intense – a perfect complement to the power of Maxdmyz’s music.

A’Zedd’s background has predominantly been in blues and jazz, although in his first year with the band (replacing erstwhile bassist Scott, also featured in the video), he has spectacularly reconnected with his metal roots is an extraordinary bass player – powerful and dynamic, yet barely touching the strings when he plays with an ease and grace – as if the bass guitar were almost part of him. He exudes authority and presence on any stage.

A’Zedd plays hard and heavy, yet his jazz and blues feel gives a fresh dimension to the emotion and passion of Maxdmyz’s music.

Vortex also has been with the band about a year. He has brought a whole new level of inventiveness and ingenuity to Maxdmyz’s musical arrangements - and a weird organic insanity to Maxdmyz’s shows – the man is mad in his mind, if sound in his soul. His keyboard lines have replaced the backing tracks the band used for many years, and this has really helped the dynamism and energy of the band live.

Master Blaster, Jay, is the balls and bowels of the band. His drumming blends innovation, technical excellence and sheer heaviness in equal measure. He is quite simply off his nut, but he is a truly breathtaking talent. His double-kick work in particular is quite amazing – and he is truly the king of the blast beat.

But what really marks this band out? Well, it's the music - that simple! The quality and breadth of the song- writing ability of each member is quite remarkable. The tunes are catchy, intelligent, moving, unforgettable, visceral, orgiastic.

And when they play they own it - this, in essence, is why you just have to check out this band!

The new album The Hate Plane is the perfect expression of Maxdmyz's unique power and vibe.

The Hate Plane, like Maxdmyz, is both visceral and intelligent. It contains a remarkable diversity of tunes, from thrash to electro-pop, blending catchy tunes with bravura musicianship. So we go from the insane intensity of Grieve to the sensitive heart-core of All and the zombie punk of A.K.A.

Maxdmyz effortlessly stride the genres, taking risks, challenging the metal clichés and teasing the listener with an amazing range of texture and feel. The strong identity of the musicianship and the quality of the compositions give the band and their material an integrity and coherence only dreamt of by most other acts, which rely on conformity to a particular genre.

‘Grieve’ Official Video

Grieve, taken from the album The Hate Plane produced by Ays Kura, out now on Renegade Records (RGD1002).

Maxdmyz deliver live, with a reputation as an excellent reputation for on-the-edge performance and absolute commitment above and beyond. Maxdmyz are an original band whose compositions push the musical boundaries of progressive and alternative music – while remaining catchy and relatable.

2010 saw the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Cosmic Hearse’ EP, released on Renegade (RGD1002). Since the band has been working on bringing their music to a wider audience, through a series of UK gigs.

The Hate Plane was released on 15 September, and features a guest appearance on ‘Void’ by Valentina Reptile of tech-metallers, Hieroglyph.

Gary Levermore of Redsand PR is conducting a 4-month campaign for the release of the new album. The single ‘Grieve’ was launched on the 27 July at The Intrepid Fox, London.

The band were scheduled to play Altfest, on 16 August 2014.

Click to hear The Hate Plane, which includes the extended version of ‘Grieve’, along with the single (video version) mixed by Simon Jameson (who has worked with Andy Gill of Killing Joke fame)